Yoga helps veterans suffering from PTSD

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These days, it’s pretty much common knowledge that yoga can improve mental health, but over the past several years yoga has become increasingly popular among treatments for soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

As pointed out in this Washington Post article, almost a fourth of soldiers will suffer from PTSD for some period of time, once they return home.  Living with PTSD can take a toll on the person suffering and deplete their quality of life due to symptoms including, insomnia, panic disorder and depression.  PTSD not only causes damage to the life of the sufferer, but also their families.

In the past, the treatment of choice for PTSD usually involved counseling and prescriptions for psychotropic drugs.  But many sufferers find little to no relief or their problems become worse.  Because of the side effects caused by many medications, more veterans are turning to natural medicine to improve and fight their PTSD.

Natural medicine provides a number of treatment options for those suffering from PTSD or anxiety disorders such as, acupuncture and herbs, but if you are one of many American’s suffering from PTSD, you probably want to get a head start on healing! Yoga is a great method of healing to incorporate into your routine and it is something that you can get started on right this second!  Studies have proven that Yoga is a valuable treatment option for PTSD as it helps to calm the nervous system and builds endurance.

Here are 3 yoga poses to improve PTSD:



(From Left, Top Right, Down) 1.Warrior Pose 2. Upward Facing Dog 3. Seated Meditation

These are just a few simple poses that you can get started with, but for more I recommend checking out this post by Yoga Journal, featuring beautiful images of soldiers who are fighting their PTSD with yoga.

If you happen to be someone who prefers some guidance, this book a great option.  And if you want to feel great in your skin while practicing your new yoga regimen this is my all time favorite stress relief lotion that adds some aromatherapy into the mix. Also be sure to check out our Printed Yogi Apparel-Patriotic collection, created to honor all of the brave men & woman fighting for our country! Namaste (:


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